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What is the Bodybuilders in Movies Society?

Muscle God Samson has a dream, a dream to make movies. Not just to make little internet movies, but to make full on feature length films. These films I want to make will feature myself and other bodybuilders starring in heroic and epic tales. I love action/adventure and sci/fi movies, and those are the kind of movies I want to make.

The Bodybuilders in Movies Society is a group dedicated to helping Samson Biggs and other bodybuilders make it to hollywood and become a mega movie stars.

Bodybuilders in Movies Society Members are true fans and they want to help more bodybuilders make it to the top.

Now I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking how can I go from jerking off on the internet to making movies? Well I say if Kim Kardasian can go from making sex tapes with ray j to having her own realty show then I, Samson Biggs can go from jerking off on the internet to making Hollywood movies.

Speaking of Jerking off, as a Black Hulk Society member you will get to watch all of my exclusive jerk off videos and more. I will be posting exclusive flexing videos here as well as exclusive specialty videos.

You will also have access to exclusive photos and exclusive members only content.

Also as a member you will get access to my private email and be able send me ideas for videos.

Join For Only $20/month

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